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Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.3 mm
Replacement: 1 month
Pack Content: 2 lenses (1 pair)
Material: Hioxifilcon D
Water content: 54%
Tones: One tone
Lens design: Attitude

Availability: In stock

Passionate brown hazel monthly colored contact lens exploding with your personality.

Material Hioxifilcon D with 54% of water content.
Powers available from -8.00 to +4.00
Shameless Hazel by Attitude collection is a monthly colored contact lens available without power (0.00), for myopia and hyperopia.

The effect given by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the original color of your iris. Scroll through the above pictures, to see how they could appear on you!

Box Content

Each Desio box contains 2 contact lenses with the same color and power, stored in separate blisters submerged in sterile saline solution. The Box content is specified above the quantity selector.

Different correction for each eye

If you require a different correction for each eye, you will need to orders two boxes: one with your left eye correction and the second with your right eye correction. Unfortunately, we cannot open the original packagings and mix your prescriptions.
Please select the box "I need 2 different powers” to be able to select both corrections.
If you require the same correction for both eyes, please leave the checkbox unselected.

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